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One Account, Multiple Financial Solutions

An All-in-One Banking & Payment Platform

Opal is a leading provider of end-to-end payment solutions, powered by our robust proprietary banking as a service platform and fintech services. We are committed to helping SMEs accelerate business growth with flexible and comprehensive financial solutions. Send funds, finance your business operations, and transact globally with ease through our fully-integrated platform.

Unlock the smarter and faster way of banking with Opal today.

Whatever your business needs, the OPAL promise is transparency, low fees, and convenience
Get started in minutes
Up to 40% lower cost than conventional banking solutions
100+ financial corridors
1 account, multiple financial solutions

The Opal Advantage

Trusted & Regulated
As a licensed Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), we help SMEs with our payment solutions. We provide the convenience and expertise to help grow and manage your business.
Locally Based, Globally Experienced
Headquarters in Singapore, supported with expertise from around the globe. Led by a team of veterans with over 80 accumulated years of experience in the financial, payments, and technology industries.
Advanced Proprietary Fintech Services
We strive to use our knowledge to help SMEs flourish with our plug & play platforms — banking as a service (BaaS) and payment as a service (PaaS).
Complete Financial Control
Ease of management and leveraging of your financial accounts. Access and view multiple accounts all in one convenient, user-friendly dashboard. Experience total visibility and control over your company’s funds and transactions.
Stringent user protection measures to safeguard your business finances. Customer privacy and security it one of our top priorities — rest assured that your finances and data are safely secured with us.

Our Affiliations

Opal Fintech Pte Ltd is a Financial Institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and a holder of a Major Payment Institution License number PS20200221