The Opal Mission

Our mission is to be the One unified account for all Payment And Loans. We help SMEs accelerate growth by simplifying cross-border payments, maximizing cost savings & providing easier, cheaper access to trade financing & credit facilities.

Who We Are

Led by a team of seasoned professionals from the payments, banking, remittance, lending and technology industries. We have the expertise and know-how to help our customers with our comprehensive payment, remittance, and financing solutions.

The leadership team at Opal is a group of highly qualified professionals with over 80 accumulated years of experience and knowledge in the financial, payments and technology industry.

Our broad experience in financial solutions, banking, regulatory matters and money management is distilled from the financial, payments and technology companies such as:

Goldman Sachs
ABN Amro Bank
Credit Suisse Bank
BNP Paribas

Our goal is to use our collective knowledge and experience to help and benefit SMEs via Opal.