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Looking to grow your business? Our financing solutions make it easy to maintain positive business cashflow, allowing you to focus on productive tasks and business growth. We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and we believe in a partnership approach.

We are powered by Funding Societies to provide you with the most comprehensive financing solutions to help accelerate your business growth

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1Micro Loan
Lightning fast application as soon as 2 minutes
Disbursement in 24 hours
Suitable for all business entities
Rates from 1% onwards p/m
2Business Term Loan
Unsecured business financing
Customizable repayment options
Tenor: up to 12 months
Interest rates as low as 0.8% per month
3Revolving Credit Facility
Revolving line of credit
Flexible repayment and draw-down ability
Ready access to funding to fulfil your business needs
Loan Amount: Up to $1 million SGD
Tenor: Up to 120 days
4Invoice Financing
Obtain cash upfront by converting your invoices
Credit line up to $1 million SGD
Financing up to 80% of the invoice value
Tenor up to 120 days

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