What are business term loans?

Business term loans, also known as term financing, allow small businesses to repay loans through smaller instalments. In this way, you can receive the necessary funding for your business, while maintaining a positive cash flow.

What are the benefits of fast unsecured business term loans?

Business term loans are unsecured loan products where SMEs repay loans in fixed instalments over a fixed period of time and are set when the loan is taken. With extra funding, you can invest in your business by purchasing new products or equipment or hiring extra hands. In this way you have the financial capability to consider expansion plans. You will also be able to refinance your debt.

Flexible loan amounts

You can apply for a loan amount starting from S$50,000, capped off at S$2 million, giving you the flexibility to decide on a sum you are comfortable with. Once the application has been approved, the amount will be disbursed to you immediately.

Customisable repayment options

You determine how you would like to structure your repayment plan, the total duration of repayment and the regularity. We offer flexible payment options of several months, termed short-term loans, or a year, termed long-term loans.

Low, fixed interest rates

Opal offers competitive interest rates that are as low as 0.8% per month, allowing you to maximise your cost savings. We also offer a stable and predictable repayment scheme where interest rates are fixed and remain unchanged over the duration of time they are paid.

The process of starting with us is easy and takes only 3 steps.

Opal works with companies in Singapore, providing you with unsecured business term loans as well as other financing solutions like micro loans.

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