Boost your cash flow and free up capital for business growth with the power of invoice financing. Our financing solution makes it easy for SMEs in Singapore to unlock funds for new business ventures by capitalising on unpaid invoices. Enjoy flexibility, fast approvals and attractive rates with Opal!

What is Invoice Financing?

Also known as factoring, invoice financing is a cash flow solution allowing companies to finance their accounts receivables and receive early payments. It enables companies in Singapore to bridge or enhance cash flow that might otherwise have been trapped in unpaid invoices.

This type of financing is ideal for small businesses that may need cash upfront or consistent cash flow — especially if transactions are predominantly on credit terms. The immediate capital can be leveraged to pay employees and suppliers or reinvest in growth opportunities.

Why Choose Opal?

With Opal as your chosen factoring company, you can tap on our versatile solutions to obtain cash upfront by converting your invoices as and when you need. We offer credit lines of up to $1 million SGD, whereby we will finance up to 80% of the invoice value with a maximum tenor of up to 120 days.

We are powered by Funding Societies, Southeast Asia’s leading SME digital financing platform, to empower you and your company with holistic financing solutions for business success.

Ready to Get Started?

Applying for invoice financing with Opal is a straightforward and fuss-free process. Simply reach out to us online and our specialists will be in touch within one (1) working day.

Interested in more ways to grow your business in Singapore? On top of invoice financing, we also offer micro loans, business term loans, and revolving credit facilities. In addition, there are currently no processing fees payable to Opal when you apply for any of our financing options. Find out more about our reliable financing solutions here.