When is the Right Time to Expand Your Business Overseas?

There are many reasons that companies expand overseas, besides simply growing their business opportunities. For one, they can tap into new markets and find potential revenue streams. You can help more people solve their problems, and you will have better access to talented people in other countries. If you’re looking to make a long-term investment, you will be able to partake in foreign investments.

However, there are several resources you will need when expanding your business overseas. For instance, you will need to engage a credible banking service for cross border money transfers, especially when transferring large sums of money internationally. You will also need legal and international attorneys for any agreements or payment issues. Despite these challenges, it’s always a good idea to look for any signals that it’s time for global expansion.

Signs that signal you should grow your business

1. Positive financial results 

When you see positive financial results from local revenue, there’s a good chance you will have similar if not greater success overseas. As a matter of fact, international money transfers will suit your bank balance where there’s a fantastic exchange rate.

Of course, the opposite is also true: it’s a bad idea to move your business abroad if your company is struggling. There needs to be consistent profit to assist with international market opportunities. Don’t take one good month as a sign to expand.

2. Shrinking domestic market

When you started your business a few years ago, the market may have performed well at the time. However, you may reach a point where the local demand shrinks so much that you start losing on that bottom line.

It’s time to look at foreign countries to see who else is looking to invest in your products or services. It may just be that it’s rising as a trend somewhere else. Just make sure your business money transfer international platforms are set up for the specific country first.

3. Overseas demand

Market research is essential when looking at opportunities overseas, the current competition in specific countries, and international money transfer companies. It may be that there’s a particular demand for services or products similar to yours, and you can tap into that market. There might even be overseas companies that would like to contract your services for local business in your area.

Of course, you will need to check if you will still make a profit. Besides deciding on international prices and the possible revenue, you need to calculate potential costs related to sales. For example, see how much extra you will pay to secure international money transfers.

4. Having a solid business model

You may be in the fortunate position of having a fantastic business model that can work anywhere. If things are running smoothly no matter what happens in the marketplace, it’s time to expand your services overseas. It means you have processes, employees and strategies you can depend on, no matter the location.

You may need to finetune some of your operations to make sure everything runs efficiently. For example, you’ll need to make sure there are fast international money transfer systems in place for quick service delivery and employee payments.

5. After performing adequate market research

Even with all the above signs that you should expand overseas, you still need to perform adequate market research for other countries. You need to spend enough time researching what the trends are, the various demographics and related needs, customer feedback on expectations, and what international money transfer services are available. If you still feel confident after this exercise, it’s time to move your business abroad.

Expand successfully with Opal’s cross-border payment solutions

We hope you feel more confident about your decision to expand your business to new foreign locations. Don’t let minor issues get in your way of success, such as language barriers, cultural differences, or secure international money transfers. 

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