Singapore Multi-Currency Business Accounts Comparison Overview

With the variety of Multi-Currency Business Accounts from different banks and Fintech firms in Singapore, business owners are spoilt for choice. It is important to cho­­­ose a multi-currency account that is cost-saving and serves your international payment needs. To help you decide which multi-currency account is right for you, we have made a simple comparison table highlighting the features and benefits of multi-currency accounts from Opal, DBS, OCBC and UOB.


Please note that all the information presented in the table below is accurate as of 2nd July 2021, and are taken from the pricing guides and websites of the corresponding banks.

*Total transfer fees = Cable charges + Commissions / Commission in lieu of FX

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Things you need to know about the Opal Multi-Currency Digital Account:

  • Allows users to minimize forced FX conversion costs – e.g. receive USD and hold USD, convert back to SGD when rates are favorable, or pay other suppliers in other markets accepting USD.
  • Allow users to store, hold & send up to 13 multi-currencies – with no minimum maintenance balance or servicing fees.
  • Maximize cost savings: $0 transfer fees with zero cable charges, commissions, or any handling fees for both domestic & international payments.
  • Transparent FX management with our rates pegged closely to the mid markets rates depending on Gross Transaction Value. 
  • Unified account to access other Opal product offerings – Complementary credit facilities for your working capital needs: (Invoice financing, unsecured credit lines, business term loans etc.)